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Everett Birdsall - Wednesday, February 03, 2016


1. Ask questions of yourself

Before the interview, do your own due diligence – this is key to finding and being offered the right job the first time.

2. Get a feel for the company you’re interviewing with

Thoroughly research the company’s website and news articles. What is the leadership and culture of the company? Does it align with your values?

3. Leverage your network

Ask people in your network if they know the management of the company and the person you are interviewing with. Ask for opinions on the leadership, values, market potential of the organization.

4. Talk yourself up

If you conclude that this is a fantastic opportunity, ask yourself why you believe you’re the best candidate - and be prepared to articulate this in your interview.

5. Make the interview a two-way street

The objective for both you and your interviewer is to determine whether this is a good fit. Legendary CEO of General Electric, and bestselling author, Jack Welch, once said that during an interview, he assesses whether someone is smart, motivated, and likeable – as simple as it sounds, those three simple elements really matter.

6. Don’t ask about salary or benefits

I’ve never gotten into the particulars of benefits in an interview – compensation, paid time off, and any other perks. I wait until an offer is made. I’ve found that if it’s clear there is a win/win, that these finer points can be discussed and even negotiated in an atmosphere of trust.

7. Take time to process

Sometimes you will be offered the job on the spot. I would recommend taking a step back to assess how the interview went, and if you think the company is still the perfect fit for you.Let them know you enjoyed meeting with them and will review the information and will have an answer within 24 hours (this is the typical reasonable time frame for review of an offer). You want to leave on a positive note!

8. Write a thank you note

Did you write a thank you note? I always do one by email immediately following the interview. Do not send this from your cell phone for formatting and auto-correct mistakes, but make sure it professionally reflects you with professional grammar, spelling and punctuation. If possible, have someone you trust review the letter before sending, in order to catch any mistakes.

9. Assess the offer

So, you nailed the interview and got an offer - congratulations! Now the ball is in your court and it’s time to think about your options.Be sure to consider the full package – benefits can be just as important as the salary. Have all the facts before giving your answer. Give your answer in a timely manner – 24 hours to review is standard.

10. Be timely in your response

Today’s job market is competitive - and chances are, the company may be looking at several other candidates to fill the role. As such, you should respond to their offer in a timely manner.