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Be open with us about what you’re looking for in your career. Tell us about what you loved at previous employers and what you’d prefer not to repeat. Not every candidate has the same needs and interests. Do you thrive in a fast-paced cutting-edge environment? Do you derive satisfaction in jobs where you can take the time to be meticulous and get your task right the first time? Let us know! If we have several opportunities to present, you’ll help us perform our job better if we’re both working toward the same goal.

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Looking for the next step in your career? Working with Mattson Resources can reduce your risk of choosing the wrong job. As a professional job placement agency in Orange County, not only do we update you on exclusive unadvertised jobs across the nation, but we can also give you the inside scoop on the interviewer, hiring manager, and company culture. You’ll be fully prepared for the interview and ready to make an informed decision if you get the offer.

Add flexibility to your career with contract positions. Work on a project, for a defined period of time or on an open-ended assignments. It all depends on employer needs and your availability. We’ll do our best to keep you employed as long as you want to be.

Not sure exactly where you want to land? Try a job with one of our employer partners before making a full-time commitment. Contract-to-hire is a great way to try something new without feeling stuck. You can even step outside your comfort zone if you’re open to different kinds of jobs.

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